Dani Murray

As captain of the ship, Dani is responsible to field requests both complex and mundane.  After obtaining an M.B.A. from Johnson and Wales University with a focus in hospitality and event planning, Dani founded Boston Personal Assistant.  Prior to opening her own company, Dani had extensive involvement in hotel and restaurant management as well as a variety of positions including office management at a boutique consulting firm and serving as a program direct for a community non-profit.  She has worked for the Ritz Carlton, the Glynn Hospitality Group and the Beehive most notably.


Nadine Hall

Nadine spent 8 years fine tuning her administrative and organizational skills in the United States Navy.  We know how she got so brilliant at paperwork but we're still not sure where she learned to make such a mean apple pie! Nadine recently finished up a degree in Business and handles all of our payroll and accounts receivables.


Abbie Hill

When she's not busy watching the latest season of Dr. Who, Abbie heads up our tech team.  She can do things like.... put together teams to tackle networking, home theater creation, figure out why the contacts all just disappeared from your iPhone, convert an unreadable excel file so that it miraculously agrees to print your Christmas labels and many more things that we don't pretend to understand.  Recently Abbie has also picked up a specialization in coordinating large scale relocations.


Brianna Collins

You know that saying 'Ask a busy person if you want to get something done?'  We're pretty sure whoever coined that phrase was intimately acquainted with Miss Brianna.  A grad student at a prestigious local university, Cross Fit devotee, right hand gal at a busy downtown eatery and Boston Personal Assistant.  We don't even know how she has time for us, but she makes it happen!  Her specialty is her ability to curate and organize home library collections, but even the Dewey Decimal System doesn't have enough categories for all the things she knows how to do. 


Sarah Byrd

By day, Sarah is our in-house Martha Stewart.  This girl can simultaneously stencil your driveway while giving you advice on the proper hem length for new window treatments with a cell phone in her other hand making you a reservation for cocktails at a fabulous bar just down the street that you didn't even know existed.  By night, she helms NightByrd, an artisinal resource for handcrafted bedding, window treatments and other simply gorgeous textiles.


Kate Foss

Kate spends her evenings enchanting Boston audiences with her talent on the bass, but we're just as delighted that she spends her days here with us at Boston Personal Assistant.  She makes magic out of travel arrangements, calendaring, her mastery of QuickBooks, bill.com and all things administrative. 


Michelle McNulty

Fabulous bio coming soon!


Crystal Martinez

Fabulous bio coming soon!


Maddie Yardley

Fabulous bio coming soon!


Brit Martin

A former travel agent and executive assistant to the CFO of Zip Car, Brit never stops racking up those frequent flier miles.  She keeps smiles on client's faces near and far.


Clarissa Segars

Fabulous bio coming soon!


Jason Jackson

Specializing in transportation and shipping, Jason works his magic bi-coastally in both Boston and San Francisco as well as on and off the green.


The rest of the best...

We have a fantastic network of contacts that work with us on an as needed basis, from an organic gardening specialist to one of Boston's best personal stylists to an art consultant employed at the National Gallery of Art.  Need a bartender for your next party?  Call us!  Need an entire team to coordinate an office move?  We can do it.  Need someone to locate rare ostrich feathers and fashion a fascinator for an afternoon garden party on 24 hour notice?  We know a girl.  No really, we do.